Woven Heart Studio, is the first wabi sabi, freestyle weaving Studio in the Carolinas. We open our studio to adults and children with both individual classes and small groups. Classes are offered weekly, by appointment, as short classes or longer intensive retreats. We embrace the concepts of wabi sabi and no mistakes creating by encouraging students to engage in joyful, weaving from their heart.
No experience is necessary and there is no beginning or advanced. We all learn and grow from eachother.


TRY IT– Introduce your child to the world of no mistakes creating and weaving play. This 2 hour session gives basic instruction for weaving, and the ideas of free and expressive weaving, as well as gives the child enough loom time to make a small hanging to take home. NO weaving experience necessary. $30 includes materials* (14 and under)

HOMESCHOOL/AFTERSCHOOL sessions are available on Monday and Friday, 11am-6pm. No beginner or advanced sessions. Children are encouraged to learn from eachother. Includes self guided weaving time and gentle technique instruction. 2 hours $30, plus materials*. (16 and under)

2 hour Sat/Sun sessions are available by appointment. Sessions can be basic self guided weaving time, or more intensive project based.
$30 plus materials*

PARENT AND CHILD Weaving Session-
Saturday and Sundays
2 hours at the loom and a shared joyful experience for a parent and child. This session provides 2 looms with prepared black warps, for self guided weaving time and gentle technique instruction.
$60 per session, plus materials* Students will leave with wallhangings from weaving they did that session.

Sessions can be purchased in a buy 5 get 1 free block. No weaving experience needed. We all learn and grow from eachother and there are no mistakes! There is a 10% sibling discount for every additional sibling over the first student.

ADULT INSTRUCTION– adult session time is Friday-Monday, 10am-7pm

TRY IT! – Come experience the joy of weaving your heart. No weaving experience is needed. This introductory session shares an explanation of the philosophy of freestyle weaving along with time for weaving play on a prepared black warp. Get a feel for the loom and all the features it offers. Self guided weaving and beginner instruction is included. $30 plus materials.*

BASIC WEAVING sessions are 2 hours in length and are $35 per session, plus materials
Basic weaving instruction includes self guided weaving time at the loom on a prepared black warp, and gentle technique instruction. Basic sessions can also be used towards more advanced techniques like warping and garment construction.

Sessions can be purchased in a buy 5 get 1 free block. No weaving experience needed. We all learn and grow from eachother and there are no mistakes!

STUDIO MEMBERSHIP– $280 plus materials*, for 10, 2 hour sessions. These sessions include the use of studio looms, the sewing machine, or other studio tools (Drum carders, fiber prep tools, spinning wheels)
Sessions are for students who want self guided weaving time at the looms or on the other studio equipment.

BASIC INSTRUCTION and STUDIO MEMBERSHIP includes the “rental” of an inside set, and the ability to work on a single project over multiple weeks.

This is for the student that wants to dive in for more than 2 hours at their first session. This full day sessions (Usually 10-4, includes coffee and tea. Please pack a lunch) offers the student plenty of time to explore the philosophies of saori inspired weaving, as well as time for loom play and technique instruction.. Beginner instruction is provided if needed. Students will go home with a wall hanging. $100 plus materials.*

INTENSIVE RETREATS are $125 per full day, plus materials* (usually 10-4, with an included lunch and tea). Students can have self guided weaving time, or work on more specific techniques. They can also come with ideas/skills they would like to tackle. (garment design, warping etc)
Overnight accommodations can be arranged either at a local Hampton Inn, or a local B&B.

Material fees are $3.5 per oz-cotton, wool and synthetic yarns and warps, weighed when the project is finished and cut off the loom

Woven Heart looks forward to bringing the bold adventure freestyle expressive weaving of all around the SouthEast

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