In SAORI weaving, the weaver embodies 4 ideals-
1) Consider the differences between a machine and a human being.
2) Be bold and adventurous
3) Let’s look out through eyes that shine.
4) Inspire on another, and everyone in the group.

Embracing this philosophy when sitting at the loom opens the weaver up to truly being in the moment and weaving their heart.   It frees the weaver from traditional restrictions and allows one to fully immerse themselves in beauty without intention.   It reminds us that we are all students and we can learn from everyone.  It also helps us remember that there is beauty in everything, we just need to be present to see it.

At Woven Heart Studio we embrace these philosophies through out all our textile arts- Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing..  We celebrate what we can do with our hands, and that it’s all beautiful.
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