SAORI “No Sew” Hat

I wrote an article about the awesome SAORI “No Sew” hat for Handwoven.  It’s such a fun project and it’s a super way to use those ends and bits of yarn!!

20170814_112954This is a  SAORI pattern that focuses on creative expression. Each one is always different from any other. SA means everything has it’s own beauty and ORI means weaving.   SAORI embraces, and encourages individual expression. One of the 4 principles is “consider the difference between machines and people”  We don’t try to create cloth that appears to be factory made. We celebrate the beauty that each person brings to their own cloth.   The other 3 principles are : Be Bold and Adventurous ; Look out through eyes that shine and Inspire Eachother, Learn from the group.

All flowers are beautiful, even though each individual flower is different in form and color. Because of this difference, all are good. Because everything has the same life, life cannot be measured by a yardstick. It is this individuality that makes everything meaningful and the uniqueness of each thread that creates the tapestry of life” – Misao Jo

Each of us are unique and creative people. When we bring ourselves to the loom, we each create our own unique cloth.  We learn from eachother as we share our woven  journeys.  We experiment at the loom. We learn as we go, trying new things. We celebrate the “inconsistencies” that makes our cloth beautiful, and unlike what comes of a machine.

20170814_113130For this pattern, when you are choosing your warp, keep in mind it’s important that at least one edge of your warp is smooth and strong. This will make gathering your top much easier.  (both edges don’t need to be smooth, just one)

When figuring out your warp length, it’s important to leave at least 6 inches of fringe at either end. This is what you use to secure the hat (thus no sewing) . Then measure your head. 20170814_113017 Make sure you don’t weave more than your head length, otherwise your hat will be too big!!   If you find your hat is too “wide” you can always fold over a brim, but it’s harder to fix when it’s woven too long.

Play with different color combinations, techniques and textures.  These are “small” weavings, so push yourself to explore different variations.  Show your wild side. Be creative, bold and adventurous.

For more SAORI patterns and information check out the book “SAORI; Self –Innovation Through Free Weaving”.  To find a SAORI studio near you, and explore more of your own creative expression on the SAORI loom, check out

3 responses to “SAORI “No Sew” Hat

  1. Hi. I’m not quite getting the pattern. I get the brim, I get the gathering…that would create a seam and now you have a complete circle. How is there not a hole on top?


    • As I re-read the article , I’m guessing you pull on the warp threads towards one side and the gathers enough to close the circle and complete the top? seems like you’d get an awful lot of bunched up material on the top?


  2. Hi! So you want to pull your gather on one side evenly so that they gatherd fabric is in the middle. Then tie those work threads together that you have gathered. So this shape will stay. Then when you tie the rest of the ends together with your fringes, that creates the seam. You are correct in that, there is a small hole at the top where the gathers create the circle, but when you’re wearing it you don’t really see it. In the last photo you can see where I’ve gathered the warp threads and you can see my finger sort of peeking through that hole. Let me know if this explanation helps, otherwise I’ll post a bit more detailed photos


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