Woven Heart Studio- A wabi sabi Weaving Studio, Opens it’s doors!!

I’m so excited. I’ve been working on this behind the scenes for awhile now, and it’s been quite difficult not spilling the beans!!

My SAORI journey has not only lead me down a wonderful road of creative expression, it’s lead me to open my doors as a saori inspired weaving studio!

What does this mean exactly? Well, jazzturtle business will continue as usual. I’ll still continue to teach at LYS and festivals all around. I’ll still sell yarn and fiber via etsy.. and will ideally find 2 yearly festivals to vend (SAFF in the Fall, and something in the Spring)

11058657_10204757300870883_1533818354360964346_nWhat’s NEW?
I will be now offering weaving classes locally. Open to all ages, classes are offered Friday-Monday via appointment. There are 2 hour sessions available. see the class page for more info on prices and classes.
Sessions are being booked now. Current limit is one student at a time. Classes will get larger as the studio grows. Message or email for available session times.

There are no beginner or advanced sessions. In this weaving, we all learn from eachother. This is a no rules, expressive weaving that encourages the student to weave their heart in the moment. This is the perfect activity for children with development issues and that are on the spectrum since it’s a creative expression with a free approach to learning. Looms can also be fitted with accessories for disabilities like being wheelchair bound or the lack of arm use

10561656_10203284279246263_4195120418632986881_nI am working on building the website, and there’s a facebook page going. Watch FB for most current announcements. Of course you can always watch the jazzturtle.com site, and the Jazzturtle FB page for things going on.
I’m SO very excited to traveling down this road, and bringing the freestyle weaving philosophy to the SouthEast. I will continue to sell the Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom, which completely embraces the our free weaving philosophy.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support along this incredible journey! esther2 (Large)

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